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The Riixo Factor

Picture of October 2022 - The Riixo Factor

October 2022 - The Riixo Factor

Cornish Massage & Wellbeing is now an Official Supplier of Riixo Recovery products. I had the pleasure of meeting Cameron and some members of the Riixo team at an event. Straight away I could see the dedication, love and innovation that goes into these products. I love the fact these products are created and designed by a physio, you can see it - in all the small details and thoughtful additions. Time was taken to craft these products to work with patients - slotting into their busy lives.

We love working with practitioners and therapists who are committed to the rehabilitation and wellbeing of their patients and clients. Kylie's passion bubbles through and it must be brilliant for those she treats to walk through her doors. We're delighted she has joined the Riixo Recovery revolution and sees the benefits the products will bring to her patients.