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Respect Massage Zero Tolerance

Respect Massage Zero Tolerance ident

Cornish Massage & Wellbeing are members of Respect Massage

Massage therapists that are members of Respect Massage hold themselves to the highest standards of an ethical, boundary-driven practice. Respect Massage members have a zero-tolerance policy for solicitations of any kind. Jokes, innuendo, and inappropriate requests are taken seriously and will result in the swift termination of the session. When choosing a practice displaying the Respect Massage logo, you can have confidence in the safety and professionalism you will experience as a client.

  • Is it funny to joke about our work?


  • Is it appropriate to call up and ask inappropriate questions?

    NO. This is not accepted in public and is not acceptable to us. Yes, we find it insulting to us and to our industry.

  • Is it appropriate to expect a service that is not advertised?

    NO. This has a huge impact on the therapist's self-worth and their ability to feel confident in their treatment room, home or going to people's homes.

This is such an important thing that is not hugely publicized but is of huge importance. Over the years there have been big strides to change the public mindset on massage. This movement has been significantly slow due to the UK’s massage industry being relatively ungoverned therefore unsolicited establishments are still a thing.

Massage therapists have worked hard to gain our qualifications and high standards. The research has proven massage to help with a vast number of conditions, so why should we be belittled?

Please think twice and be respectful