Hello! I’m Kylie, your qualified massage, nutritional therapist and Beachbody Coach in Torpoint, Cornwall, the owner of the family-run business Cornish Massage.

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Why Choose Cornish?

My aim is to help you ‘be more you’. It’s very rewarding for me to be able to improve your wellbeing. I keep my qualifications current and relevant and I get to stay on top of my professional development as a regular volunteer at a local NHS Hospital. I love my career change, I love being able to help, simply put – I just love this job!

I come from a military background, I always prided myself on being as healthy and fit as I could be. My military training and subsequent years deployment meant that I also became better organised, efficient, reliable, a better listener and also thorough in my approach to tasks. I knew that to approach a problem from only one perspective could be very limiting and even damaging in the long run.
It is because of this that when I needed a change of career after my children were born I thoroughly researched my options. I had always thought I would re-train in a health field when I eventually left the forces, but when the baby blues and body exhaustion took me by surprise – I couldn’t decide which was more important to me – a healthy body or a healthy mind. It was while surfing for ideas and courses that I came across the phrase ‘Holistic Massage Therapist’ – I didn’t know what it meant to be honest – but I was intrigued enough to look it up.
It turns out a Holistic Massage Therapist addresses the entire body as a whole through massage, not just concentrating on the physical body, the range of massage techniques also help to address our mental and emotional body. It felt like a no-brainer – I felt destined to be a Holistic Massage Therapist! When you visit me you will discover a relaxing environment and enjoy a reliable, organised, friendly service. I have a wealth of professional experience and am proud to be a member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists.

Helping you ‘be more you’ is my aim, I love every minute of what I do. I also learn so much from my clients – so much so I added Nutritional Therapy to my qualifications to further help balance both body and mind, then took it up a notch by becoming a Team Beachbody Coach! I’ve also added Hot Stones to enhance my Deep Tissue and Holistic massage treatments to assist with speeding up injury rehabilitation therapies. Used in combination the services I offer are especially useful for those of us who are in recovery from serious illness, have ongoing health issues as well as stress, pain and exhaustion. After all, we are what we eat as well as what we do.

I provide an array of treatments for people experiencing stress, tension, pain; people working long hours in the same position or on their feet all day; pregnancy massage; relieve muscle tension, muscle strain, aid muscular-recovery in sports professionals and enthusiastic runners, gym goers, weight-lifters, rugby players, footballers looking after their body in recovery, pre and post event, as well as to maintain. And for those of you who have gallantly signed up to a marathon or charity walk for the first time – where your body knows not what it has been signed up for – I can help you prepare for that too!
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