Clinical Massage for Chronic & Acute Conditions

The Future of Cornish Massage & Wellbeing

If you are new to Cornish Massage & Wellbeing you are joining us at an exciting time, and if you have been on the journey with me, I hope you have enjoyed the transition to Clinical Massage.

Last year was a huge year adding some great tools to my belt to help you get out of pain and increase your movement quicker.

First, we added Oncology massage, this is a fantastic aid for someone on their cancer journey and making the experience more manageable, as well as being able to expand and help more people. Then followed scar tissue release this was a big eye opener to the effects scars can have on the body and the restrictions someone can have. Finally, rib, thorax and abdomen course to improve breathing capability. This course has been a game changer for my son who is 9 and has asthma.

So 2024 is huge year here, I am currently on a year long Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage course starting on the 6th of March, This course is going to enhance your treatment in so many ways. The course covers over 80 different conditions and gives us the tools to cover so many more conditions. Ultimately the aim is to get you out of pain in the best and most efficient way possible, all whilst giving you an enjoyable experience you will benefit from.

Recent Additions to our Clinical Massage Treatments