Clinical Massage for Chronic & Acute Conditions

Scar Tissue Release Massage

Scar tissue forms when the wound is healed but is different from your normal skin.

This can occur from surgical incisions, burns, trauma and more… When scar tissue forms pain can arise due to the skin tightening. This prevents the skin from moving freely. There may also be damage to the nerves and other soft tissue structures below. In some cases, there can also be an excess of scar tissue build up causing inflammation and loss of function.

Can massage help?

Yes definitely, as trained scar tissue release therapists we can…

  • Encourage blood to the area speeding up the recovery process

  • Improves skin elasticity and flexibility

  • Break down tough fibres and scar tissue and allow the body to rebuild the collagen in the skin, which in turn reduces pain and tightness.

  • Drain excess fluid from the area

  • Reduce numbness, soreness, and restrictions

  • Emotional release – coming to terms with your scar and the circumstances involved

  • Improved scar's overall appearance

When can I book in?
Each scar is different, after a brief chat followed by a full consultation on the day we will be able to come up with a treatment plan. We will take into consideration how old the scar is, at what stage of healing it is, whether there are any other complications, and how you are feeling about your scar. We will also advise some self-care exercises in addition to your treatments.