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Wellbeing Events

Wellbeing Events

Wellbeing Events

Our Wellbeing Cafés are an opportunity to get free advice from professionals in an informal setting, where we can all learn from each other.

I wanted to create a Wellbeing Café in Torpoint because...

I enjoy helping others. In my area of expertise, knowing that you are not just providing a service but are aiding in an individuals physical and mental recovery, gives me purpose. This is why I invited some friends in the industry to help, using their expertise to aid and guide others in their personal journey, whatever their circumstances.

Our professionals are here to answer your questions and offer up advice, they also provide taster sessions of which some are free, others are donations to specific causes and some have a small charge to cover the cost of materials or products used. There will be aromatherapy, lotions, potions, gifts, books, cards and more on offer – many at discounted rates during each event as well as future discount offers for those who attend.

What happened in our previous events...?

The reviews help to give you an idea of what you can expect from our Wellbeing Cafés in the future

A huge thank you to all the businesses, groups and charities that made another successful well being cafe. Also a big thank you to our local Co-op that supplied all our food and beverages and Audra for her brilliant story-telling. Finally, a big  thank you to all that attended our event we hope you enjoyed it!

Businesses in attendance at this cafe were…

Torpoint Co-Op, Rogue Debby CIC , Rame Gig Club, Café Abundance – Real Junk Food Project, Just Be Reiki Master Practitioner, Valley Spirit Health & Fitness, Mike Redshaw Physiotherapy, Becky Redshaw Pilates, HMS Bodylicous with Hayley Willis, Audra our Story Teller, Cornish Massage.

Thank you to everyone who came to this wellbeing café – we had some great feedback from this and it was a very informative afternoon of free advice, chat and taster sessions for our community’s wellbeing. Also a big thank you to all the business that made this possible and to The Friends of Thanckes Park for providing the refreshments.

We took over the whole of the hall this time, keeping our professionals in the theatre section and all the taster sessions were carried out in the smaller chamber room.

Unfortunately the Blue Tit Chill Swimmers were unable to attend as advertised but everyone else did.

Marie, Kevin and Debby from Rogue Debby CIC – these amazing people used Art for Calm to reach out to those of us who live with mental health & disability, creating an environment where chatting felt natural.

Becky & Mike from Mike Redshaw Physiotherapy & Pilates were both on hand to answer any questions and Becky provided another excellent Pilates taster session followed by an informative wellbeing presentation by Mike.

Lisa from the Torpoint Rowers shared the benefits of the great outdoors and the rowing opportunities in Torpoint and she also ran a mini-fitness session for all.

Myles from Valley Spirit Health & Fitness was on hand to chat about Yoga as well as providing a yoga taster session, having set up a new Yoga class recently in the Torpoint area.

Kay from Just Be Reiki was back offering mini reiki treatments for donations to Luna’s fund – yet again, Kay’s space in the hall was serene, no matter how busy the event was.

Debbie of Freedom Counselling chatted about the benefits of counselling and what to expect from it and alongside her Kerri of Grace & Glamour provided a goody bag of freebies and chatted about feel-good treatments and their benefits.

And obviously myself Kylie, from Cornish Massage & Wellbeing. I was offering free mini-massage treatments and sharing the benefits of massage and deep tissue massage for wellness and recovery.

We hope to be doing it all again before the end of the year!

Our second wellbeing cafe was on May 6th at Torpoint Council Chambers. During this event, we chatted all things health & wellbeing and taster sessions were provided by Kay Paskins of Just Be Reiki, Amanda from Pluss Positive People, Lisa from Torpoint Rowers Club, Becky from Mike Redshaw Physio, Debby & Kevin of Rogue Debby CIC and myself, Kylie of Cornish Massage. Our free cafe was provided by our local Torpoint Co-op.

  • Amanda from Pluss Positive People explained what is on offer in Cornwall to help people make their life a bit easier, wellbeing courses as well as educational courses and the all important confidence building services and many more services that can be accessed for free through Pluss
  • Just Be Reiki Master Kay Paskins provided taster sessions in energy healing. It was the calmest section of the Council Chambers! She also chatted all things ‘Reiki’ to those of us new to it. Kay requested donations to Luna’s Fund.
  • Lisa, of the Torpoint Rowers Club chatted about skillsets gained from water-based team sports – not least of which is how to get in and out of a gig without falling in the water… much fun was had trying out the Club’s rowing machine as well.
  • Becky of provided an enjoyable free pilates session in the main hall, as well as answering questions on the benefits of physiotherapy and Pilates for wellbeing and how Pilates can help with Ante and Post-natal care.
  • As Cornish Massage we offered massage taster sessions, discussed the benefits of massage for pain, injury rehabilitation, stress and tension as well as muscle-strain and keeping your body flexible. At the end of the afternoon we set up an engaging ‘How-to’ mini-facial station using NYR products.
  • Rogue Debby CIC were on hand to chat about tips and tricks for living with chronic illness and mental health issues under the guise of ‘Art for Calm’ to help create a relaxing experience whilst discussing chaotic topics.

  • Our first wellbeing cafe was on March 16th at our Enterprise Court treatment room. We chatted all things health & wellbeing with Becky from Mike Redshaw Physio, Debby of Rogue Debby CIC and myself, Kylie of Cornish Massage.
  • Becky of talked about understanding the benefits of physiotherapy for wellbeing, how we can strengthen muscles we didn’t know existed using pilates and, the importance of good posture and how to achieve it.
  • As Cornish Massage we talked about the benefits of massage for pain, injury rehabilitation, stress and tension, we answered questions on muscle strain in the workplace and keeping your body flexible as well as offering mini-massages for arms, hands and feet.
  • Rogue Debby CIC who sponsored this event, talked about living with chronic illness and answered questions on mental health and chronic illness and also provided accidental art-therapy with a focus on ‘Art for Calm’. Debby & one of the Karrots also brought the cakes, fruit and refreshments.